ABC’s of Theology

I got an idea to do a series of posts about theology from a blogger named Bo Sanders. In this blog, Bo took theological concepts and gave a brief overview of them in an Acrostic format. For example, the series of posts could be “E is for Eschatology” and “C is for Communion”. And so I had the idea to try this out for myself, although Bo Sanders is much, much smarter than I am.

I began an “ABC’s of Theology” series on another blog, of which I am a co-contributor, but I take turns with other writers and their ideas about different theological concepts. This series, however, will simply be my own ideas, my own words, my own thoughts.

I find that this format of blog posts is a unique, fun, and thorough way to reach a lot of different topics on the theological spectrum. It should, by no stretch of the imagination, be considered a systematized theology, but I will attempt to give you, my readers, a buffet of different theological ideas to dwell on. The following posts will not be super in-depth, but I think that they may intrigue you as well as help you to be better versed in the world of theological concepts and ideas.

Check in often!

Next Post: A is for Atonement


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